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|GD| DårKnight™: i key SUVs when nobody's looking
Fartini: fucking SUVs
|GD| DårKnight™: werd...
Tenobkers: kids like you make me want to drown you like a sack full of puppies >:o
Fartini: 90% have never even been offroad
|GD| DårKnight™: probably more than 90 % these days
Fartini: we should set up a camp for women who drive SUVs
Fartini: and concentrate them there...
|GD| DårKnight™: neo nazis for energy wasters
Tenobkers: easiest way i get pissed off when driving
|GD| DårKnight™: kill em all
Tenobkers: is getting stuck behind a van/suv or a PACE BUS O_O
|GD| DårKnight™: lol
|GD| DårKnight™: i get pissed off if someone honks at me to go faster when im already speeding
|GD| DårKnight™: then i slow down
Antz0r: i nearly got hit hard by some crazy emo teenager speeding a turn
|GD| DårKnight™: and if they pass me, i tailgate the shit outta em
Tenobkers: i tap the brakes if the fuckers start tailgating
|GD| DårKnight™: same
Tenobkers: if they hit me, it's their problem.
|GD| DårKnight™: i do more than tap tho
|GD| DårKnight™: the most ive done is slow down to 20 mph on a highway
|GD| DårKnight™: then the guy passed me and did 90
|GD| DårKnight™: i tailgated him at 90 mph
|GD| DårKnight™: then he did 100 and got a speeding ticket
|GD| DårKnight™: i flipped him off as i passed
Tenobkers: refer to my statement about the sack full of puppies.
Tenobkers: thx

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