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negatron™: the holocaust was a good idea
negatron™: just exectued poorly
<< {DOU}Tommy joined GameRanger >>
<< negatron™ was disconnected (banned) >>

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Vladimir Malkovich: doesn't work for me to configure my router. how do i configure apples internet sharing (router)?
Baron Samedi: you probably wrecked it
Vladimir Malkovich: okay
Baron Samedi: it will not work anymore now

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Baron Samedi: i had negroplasty so i could steal things from walmart

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aibo: i used time machine to undo my permaban

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Baron Samedi: carl winslow should have been blown up in die hard

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Monkey™: oh bloody hell
Monkey™: Finder has frozen
bmr|kami: Microwave it
bmr|kaiomai: hahaha
bmr|kaiomai: macs are so cool, the file browser freezes.

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BTs_GhostSniper|AC|: wake up and smell the world trade center burning you moron

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Baron Samedi: you better take it to the bar and grill criss
Baron Samedi: youre bothering us in here
BCN/Darkstorm *meh*: phobia, just let it go
^9Criss^3X^9Cross: wanna go?
^9Criss^3X^9Cross: lets go to subway!
Baron Samedi: thats right criss, get out of here
^9Criss^3X^9Cross: Haha.
Baron Samedi: youre not good enough to be in here
^9Criss^3X^9Cross: I LOVE TO BLOW DUDES
Baron Samedi: baron samedi is the boss here
^9Criss^3X^9Cross: COCK IS WHAT I LOVE
Baron Samedi: you can ask somebody here, they'll tell you who is boss

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<< krisha joined the room >>
krisha: howe cant play nhl 06 online?
kami of the boomers: Fuck Howe
kami of the boomers: He's an asshole
krisha: howe cant play nhl 06 online?
kami of the boomers: I don't give a fuck if Howe can't play NHL'06 online
krisha: in game ranger cant?
kami of the boomers:
krisha: tnx
kami of the boomers: You're welcome
kami of the boomers: /facepalm
<< krisha was kicked from the room >>
CosminLucutar: yeah but pls can u tell me of can I play fifa 2008 online on game ranger?
kami of the boomers: Shut the fuck up
<< CosminLucutar was kicked from the room >>

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bmr|kaiomai: you are a dark skinned, intellectually inferior race, that was bred for manual labor, and are obsessed with shiny objects.
bmr|kaiomai: "nigger"

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