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negatron™: the holocaust was a good idea
negatron™: just exectued poorly
<< {DOU}Tommy joined GameRanger >>
<< negatron™ was disconnected (banned) >>

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Baron Samedi: i had negroplasty so i could steal things from walmart

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Vladimir Malkovich: doesn't work for me to configure my router. how do i configure apples internet sharing (router)?
Baron Samedi: you probably wrecked it
Vladimir Malkovich: okay
Baron Samedi: it will not work anymore now

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Baron Samedi: you better take it to the bar and grill criss
Baron Samedi: youre bothering us in here
BCN/Darkstorm *meh*: phobia, just let it go
^9Criss^3X^9Cross: wanna go?
^9Criss^3X^9Cross: lets go to subway!
Baron Samedi: thats right criss, get out of here
^9Criss^3X^9Cross: Haha.
Baron Samedi: youre not good enough to be in here
^9Criss^3X^9Cross: I LOVE TO BLOW DUDES
Baron Samedi: baron samedi is the boss here
^9Criss^3X^9Cross: COCK IS WHAT I LOVE
Baron Samedi: you can ask somebody here, they'll tell you who is boss

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aibo: i used time machine to undo my permaban

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mao..: would you pee on bazmin for premium?
<< Ryan left GameRanger >>
bcn|BoxcarJim|RRT: i would
0 bcn|bazmin: :(
bcn|Kevman: wtf

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Baron Samedi: carl winslow should have been blown up in die hard

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bmr of the kanu: I'm eventually going to build myself a nice PC rig
bmr of the kanu: get a car and a smart phone
ninja of the quim: And live happily ever after?
bmr of the kanu: and later on my own place
bmr of the kanu: i would hope so
ninja of the quim: D'aww
ninja of the quim: How many cats will you have?
bmr of the kanu: :[
ninja of the quim: Hahaha

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<< Bardiel joined the room >>
<< Bardiel left GameRanger >>
Baron Samedi: i demand fun
eL_RuKN.Oblivion: /kicks Samedi in his retarded booty
Baron Samedi: i do not like michael barrett
koolunda.tequila: can u download the nude patch for oblivion on xbox 360
eL_RuKN.Oblivion: at least he doesn't shoot steroids like Barry
Baron Samedi: michael barrett is a scared chicken that has to sucker punch people otherwise he would get beat up real bad
eL_RuKN.Oblivion: dude
eL_RuKN.Oblivion: first of all
eL_RuKN.Oblivion: you don't know the white sox/cubs rivaarly
eL_RuKN.Oblivion: you ain't a chicago boy
eL_RuKN.Oblivion: or retard in your case
eL_RuKN.Oblivion: second of all
eL_RuKN.Oblivion: and u know it
Baron Samedi: you are scared of barry bonds
eL_RuKN.Oblivion: no baron
<< bcn|Khadgar joined the room >>
eL_RuKN.Oblivion: god i would love to kill you someday
eL_RuKN.Oblivion: even worth the jailtime
bcn|Khadgar: so many dirty little places
Baron Samedi: barry bonds is the number one baseball player
bcn|Khadgar: Why do you hate baron so much
eL_RuKN.Oblivion: you're such a fukcing pathetic retarded fuck
bcn|Khadgar: he doesnt really Do anything
eL_RuKN.Oblivion: i don't care
eL_RuKN.Oblivion: and i know better
eL_RuKN.Oblivion: but he just gets to me
eL_RuKN.Oblivion: been this way many years
Baron Samedi: i do not like sammy sosa
eL_RuKN.Oblivion: thats his schtick
<< ~Po~ Hunter S. Thompson joined the room >>
eL_RuKN.Oblivion: but godamn i want to beat his face in
<< ~Po~ Hunter S. Thompson left the room >>
eL_RuKN.Oblivion: THOMPSON!!!
eL_RuKN.Oblivion: damn
<< ~Po~ Hunter S. Thompson joined the room >>
eL_RuKN.Oblivion: listen samedi
<< ~Po~ Hunter S. Thompson left the room >>
bcn|Khadgar: calm down
bcn|Khadgar: hes just trying to piss you off
eL_RuKN.Oblivion: negative
eL_RuKN.Oblivion: whats new
Baron Samedi: you cant get mad because i do not like sammy sosa
eL_RuKN.Oblivion: im sick of it
eL_RuKN.Oblivion: i get mad cause you're a retarded cocksucker
eL_RuKN.Oblivion: Samedi
eL_RuKN.Oblivion: if you're a man
eL_RuKN.Oblivion: give me your address in fagtown
eL_RuKN.Oblivion: i will waste 1 weeks vacation
eL_RuKN.Oblivion: to come out there
eL_RuKN.Oblivion: and kill you
Baron Samedi: barry bonds is my favorite
koolunda.tequila: lol

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BTs_GhostSniper|AC|: wake up and smell the world trade center burning you moron

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