#3 + (-147) - [X]

cO.GOD: evill you should have a contest were the winner is flown out to sunny aussie land and gets to have lunch with you
onwig@work: lol
btS»De Post FahQto: haha
Evill: o_O
BTs_eight: lol
btS»De Post FahQto: how uncomfortable would that be when he makes a pass
BTs_eight: ill join
onwig@work: lol
cO.GOD: lol
cO.GOD: lol

#8 + (50) - [X]

*** [Civic] teabags Ethion for onwig

#9 + (-50) - [X] : scar goes mining in his grandpa's ass for nuggets

#11 + (96) - [X]

Wombat: gay sex is only gay if you cuddle after

#13 + (84) - [X]

|MP|abe: being a vegatarian is silly cuz animals would eat you if they could

#14 + (154) - [X]

:cO:.Blufire: my chode is a forrest of pleasure

#16 + (-15) - [X]

[a: yeah
<< agent.Cuniac left GameRanger >>
[a: im not muted more
[a: is me thrill
[a: lol
|3ID|Taylor™: 2.00
Ethion: lol.
<< [a is now known as [aZk]-Thrill Killer >>
Ethion: it's a deal!
|3ID|Taylor™: lol [a
[aZk]-Thrill Killer: evill changed my name to morons get muted
[aZk]-Thrill Killer: heh
[aZk]-Thrill Killer: because i say fuck him
[aZk]-Thrill Killer: =P
|3ID|Taylor™: hee
Ethion: lol
Ethion: do it again
[aZk]-Thrill Killer: YEAH
<< ©RM©Leader Ross was disconnected (no multiple logins) >>
<< ©RM©Leader Ross joined GameRanger >>
*** Ethion waits for a bash ban
|3ID|Taylor™: Yeah
|3ID|Taylor™: who's Evil?
[aZk]-Thrill Killer: i say fuck you for FUN EVILL
Ethion: lol
[aZk]-Thrill Killer: WHY YOU SHOULD MUTE ME
[aZk]-Thrill Killer: IDIOT
[aZk]-Thrill Killer: POI
[aZk]-Thrill Killer: FUCKER
*** Ethion waits for a racist ban.. that will hold for 7 days
[aZk]-Thrill Killer: LO
<< [aZk]-Thrill Killer was disconnected (banned - One Week) >>

#17 + (25) - [X]

:co:.GOD: catholics and mormons have a special place in my life....on the grill of my car

#18 + (-36) - [X]

X1|Blufire: /votekick blufire
Ethion: lol
X1|Blufire: F1
*** Stripes kicks Blufire
Ethion: hah
X1|Blitz.A-SC: F1
X1|Blufire: F1
Ethion: You don't do it like a console
<< X1|Blufire was disconnected (vote passed) >>

#19 + (-134) - [X]


#22 + (22) - [X]

Kuzan O'Brian: and all the niggers will be like "DAMN THOSE WHITE BOYS IS PACKIN!!"

#23 + (-21) - [X]

cO.GOD: onwig you must love your mother much
Evill: I know I do.
Evill: :D
onwig@work: lol

#24 + (31) - [X]

Evill: Does joining a clan make you a homo or something?
Evill: Excellent, that means Tigah is a lesbian.

#28 + (222) - [X]

BTs_GhostSniper|AC|: wake up and smell the world trade center burning you moron

#29 + (-15) - [X]

SiX.cybershark: i can play the cream pie in your mommas ass

#30 + (42) - [X]

X1|Blitz™: Blu, did you hear what Gabe did to his parents?
[LASER]Bakura: no
X1|Blitz™: Are you Blu?
[LASER]Bakura: no lol
X1|Blitz™: That's what I thought.
X1|Blitz™: Moron.
*** X1|Blitz™ teabags Bakura.
[LASER]Bakura: what?
X1|Blitz™: Take it and lick it!
X1|Blitz™: Lick my big salty balls!
[LASER]Bakura: what?!
<< [LASER]Bakura left GameRanger >>

#31 + (-32) - [X]

:MoD:Nomad:Cpt: well, there is the Canadian Armed Forces, I think they sell hot dogs at the larger wars

#32 + (38) - [X]

Godfather - RnT: bah
Godfather - RnT: I wish a little red light pops up when admins are online
<< Toxic::Thor.cod left GameRanger >>
Godfather - RnT: ima ask evill to fix that
:cO:.Skillz.BoC: ha
<< Godfather - RnT was disconnected (Red Light is on) >>
:cO:.Skillz.BoC: LOL
<< Godfather - RnT joined GameRanger >>
Godfather - RnT: YES

#33 + (86) - [X]

:MoD:Frodo: too old...
:MoD:Frodo: viagra doesn't help reflexes

#35 + (137) - [X]

Sassy: no i'm done
Sassy: its like takling to a homeless guy on crack

#36 + (4) - [X]

onwig: omfg i just let a rancid fart out

#37 + (-34) - [X]

*** grif gives god a strawberry shortcake
Hugo: hi al
Hugo: hi all
Leeloo™: hey
*** Es:.GOD pink socks grif
Leeloo™: I want a strawberry shortcake
Es:.GOD: lol
fuckin' undies: :D
fuckin' undies: kat just owned herself
Es:.GOD: lol kat

#38 + (196) - [X]

btS_aFahQalypse Now: then you have Mormon's and their magic underwear

#39 + (-43) - [X]

btS»De Post FahQto: somehow I sit here staring at my iTrip, and I know it's giving me some sort of cancer

#40 + (13) - [X]

*** oO licks Evill
<< oO was disconnected (killed) >>
*** oO won't lick Evill again

#41 + (51) - [X]

z][t-Rampage.: [21:57] GhRa> Maily: i was listening too U2, dreaming of my days in z][t. i even masturbated when i checked your site

#42 + (59) - [X]

btS»FahQuaintance: muslic clam lickers
btS»FahQuaintance: hahahah
btS»FahQuaintance: jihad that
c| lightwave: LOL

#45 + (79) - [X]

Mythology Dan: and don't sawat it'ts not Cool it makes you look like a compleat idiotl
Mythology Dan: Swear

#46 + (35) - [X]

:cO:.Gabe:.: once upon a time there was a PIRATE who downloaded PORN from WWW.TRANNYWEBCAMS.COM and his name was EVILL.ADMIN and he was a STUPID NIGGER
:cO:.Gabe:.: quadruple wammie biatch
<< :cO:.Gabe:. was disconnected (Banned: everything) >>

#47 + (-137) - [X]

btS¬FahQuille Oneal: how's the ramen today air?
btS¬FahQuille Oneal: never get shrimp, it has sea monkeys
:cO:.Gabe: wtf
l ! l Sinister: lol
:cO:.Gabe: the shrimp is the best
-MP5-Airblaster: ew really? my math teacher stopped teaching to watch him grow his sea monkeys
btS¬FahQuille Oneal: gabe eats sea monkeys
:cO:.Gabe: hell yeah i do.. they are low in carbs
btS¬FahQuille Oneal: wtf are you, the vichy leader
:cO:.Gabe: atkins approved
:cO:.Gabe: ?
BTs_eight: lol
dr.blake.aHa!: lmao
-MP5-Airblaster: lol Gabe
BTs_eight: atkins approved
BTs_eight: lol
-MP5-Airblaster: sea monkeys look like sperm
dr.blake.aHa!: I like the check
btS¬FahQuille Oneal: omg, low carb seamonkeys
*** -MP5-Airblaster pukes

#48 + (80) - [X]

z][t-pink rat: pink twist = no more problems
onwig@work: apart from that sounds really gay
z][t-pink rat: put pink before your nick and you'll have no more problems
Evill: Yeah, but so does pink rat.
onwig@work: also very true
z][t-pink rat: pink Evill
z][t-pink rat: :P
<< z][t-pink rat is now known as z][t-pink fluffy bunny >>
Evill: Much better.
onwig@work: lol
z][t-pink fluffy bun…: but then you can get killed by some homophobics
z][t-pink fluffy bun…: wtf
z][t-pink fluffy bun…: he changed my nick :o
onwig@work: lol
Evill: Lies
Evill: You did that yourself.
z][t-pink fluffy bun…: omfg

#49 + (-6) - [X]

btS»BuFahQe: there are 2 things my dog needs to learn, how to fetch beer, and how to drag my body to the same room when I pass out, so when I wake up I am not confused

#54 + (138) - [X]

[a] Red Tigah: bj Evill
[a] Red Tigah: he was drunk
Evill: bj?
[a] Red Tigah: omg
Evill: Haha.

#55 + (66) - [X]

Baron Samedi: you stupid bar and grill
z][t-Civic™: go to your non existant friends in the main lobby
<< aibo left the room >>
<< Baron Samedi left the room >>

#57 + (87) - [X]

z][t-fluffy bunny: btS»BuFahQe: chesty, you are my new all time favorite idiot
btS»BuFahQe: wtf, did all of the short buses miss their stops today
z][t-fluffy bunny: it means im not anymore ? :(

#58 + (-81) - [X]

just...Dominik: pls anyone play with my RvS!
*** Ethion.4 plays with his RvS

#59 + (60) - [X]

-Vickedson.[?]: welcome to last week civic
z][t-Civic™: hehe

#60 + (52) - [X]

BTs_Magnetic: how long workin hours does civic have at McDonalds?
*** iNaru doesnt care
:co:.GOD: ethion dont do cocain
*** Ethion.56 throws watermellons at Naru
iNaru: lol he doesnt work at mcdonalds
BTs_Magnetic: lol
:co:.GOD: what
BTs_Magnetic: he told me he did wtf
:co:.GOD: civic works at mcdonalds?
Ethion.56: lol
BTs_onwig.3@work: yeah i thought he did
iNaru: hell even now i would take a job at mcdonalds
iNaru: I am so broke
<< ¥M&?G®¥ CHOSCARETE left GameRanger >>
<< john joined the room >>
BTs_Magnetic: he said he was chief manager over the cucumber section
z][t-Civic™: LOL

#62 + (-74) - [X]

:co:.GOD: hey peaches
.iP. Ubertako: blagh
.iP. Ubertako: god
.iP. Ubertako: civic is in the construct
z][t-Cicero™.2: u sure?
z][t-Cicero™.2: moron
.iP. Ubertako: yes i am
<< z][t-Cicero™.2 is now known as z][t-Civic™ >>

#64 + (-29) - [X]

ITSY-BOT: i have to keep a silk cloth over my G5 because if i see it ill get an erection

#68 + (134) - [X]

Dark Angelus: No. I may not seem it, but I do have a way with the ladies…
Jenny™: So... was that picture you gave me long ago real?
Dark Angelus: …
Dark Angelus: diediediedie
Jenny™: ?
Dark Angelus: Yes, it was, more or less.
Dark Angelus: …I may not look it, but I do have a way with the ladies…
Jenny™: Just asking.. I mean, you seem to have so many secrets... And yes, yes you do have a way with the ladies. You're... captivating.
Dark Angelus: Secrets are fun to have.

#70 + (-101) - [X]

•THEM•LeGOD: MacDonnalds was gonna serve Kangaroo Whoppers
Evill: Except that McDonalds doesn't do Whoppers.
•THEM•LeGOD: I dont like junk food so I wouldnt  know
Evill: But you do win this lovely consolation prize.
•THEM•LeGOD: premium?
<< •THEM•LeGOD was disconnected (*smack*) >>

#72 + (75) - [X]

z][t-VieiA: Rhinos.. So U can go to his place, and let him prove it.
Chariot_nz: no I want itsy more
Ïtsy: owned
grif: wow
grif: thats the first time a girl has ever asked itsy for more
grif: if itsy doesn't make a retort about mothers i'll be surprised
Ïtsy: yeah thats because unlike with you, the girls are satisfied first time round
grif: itsy, once a girl has had some grif, she needs mo'
Evill: That's only because there isn't that much grif.
grif: i knew someone was going to make a joke about small penises
grif: but i didn't figure it was going to be baldy

#73 + (12) - [X]

Daleks: alti do your impression of bg
Daleks: "hi guys i love my bf. i just want everyone to know how loving he is."
Evill: Hmm.
AltiJack: hehe
BrazilianGirl™- 9 da…: hi daleks
*** Daleks stabs BG in the eye.
Evill: I wonder if her husband knows about her bf as well.
Drinniol: haha
AltiJack: I'm her boyfriend
AltiJack: I fly down and perform fellatio
Daleks: alti services her drain pipe.
AltiJack: I'm a plumbing guy
BrazilianGirl™- 9 da…: altivec
AltiJack: sup
Drinniol: He has come to clean ze pool
BrazilianGirl™- 9 da…: you should come over more often
BrazilianGirl™- 9 da…: he misses you
Daleks: haha
Drinniol: Hahahaha
AltiJack: oh shi
Daleks: pwned
AltiJack: I just got pwned
Drinniol: pwned on a stick
*** AltiJack bow
AltiJack: +s
Daleks: wow. bg's iq went up by 100 since the last time i was here.
AltiJack: touche BG, touche

#75 + (40) - [X]

(K******onistes: im sure the godfather never mention about clans did he?
Don Aramarth: lol
Don Aramarth: families, clans, whats the diff
(K******onistes: clans can choose if friendly fire is on or off, families cant :)

#76 + (18) - [X]

1iNe< Morg ::KR::: oh well
{CW}Ranger?: you mean not every girl keeps an implement of destruction in every room?
1iNe< Morg ::KR::: nope sorry
{CW}Ranger?: ah
{CW}Ranger?: their loss

#82 + (65) - [X]

|MP|Cappy.Will.H2: i see cock in that link
|MP|Cappy.Will.H2: ban
<< Pagliacci was disconnected (Porn: banned) >>
scythejack: how long?
Evill: |MP|Cappy.Will.H2: i see cock in that link
Evill: scythejack: how long?
Evill: Haw haw.
ITSY-BOT: haha
|MP|Cappy.Will.H2: hehe
scythejack: oops
scythejack: haha
Evill: bwahahaa
|MP|Cappy.Will.H2: you obviously did too

#84 + (-128) - [X]

omgwtf: omg how do i find out why i was banned?
McSilver: just find out
omgwtf: how? i tried to login this morning it said my account was suspended
McSilver: don't know
[N§A]Navi: w48
Evill: Because you're a pirate.
Ethion.1: lol
omgwtf: :|
Ethion.1: arr matey
omgwtf: wtf?
©|¡Ballistic Ballist…: im a pirate!
Ethion.1: omg I pirated my porn, don't ban me ! >.<
omgwtf: i dont have a eye patch
<< omgwtf was disconnected (Pirate: banned) >>
Ethion.1: lol

#85 + (28) - [X]

Ethion.1: Evill, was it 30 minutes? or an perm?
(SiX)Red: He doesn't want to talk to you.
*** (SiX)Red laughs.
Ethion.1: Neither to you
*** Ethion.1 points
3rd Party Voucher: mmmm hair perm
(SiX)Red: I know.
(SiX)Red: And I accept that.
Evill: Hi Red.
Ethion.1: lol
Ethion.1: ffs
Evill: Owned.
Ethion.1: Well he hasn't answered you!
Ethion.1: pwned!
Evill: Nope, because I only did that to own you.

#86 + (34) - [X]

DAƒ JAKE.aHa!: i downloaded gameranger off of limewire

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