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btS¬FahQuille Oneal: how's the ramen today air?
btS¬FahQuille Oneal: never get shrimp, it has sea monkeys
:cO:.Gabe: wtf
l ! l Sinister: lol
:cO:.Gabe: the shrimp is the best
-MP5-Airblaster: ew really? my math teacher stopped teaching to watch him grow his sea monkeys
btS¬FahQuille Oneal: gabe eats sea monkeys
:cO:.Gabe: hell yeah i do.. they are low in carbs
btS¬FahQuille Oneal: wtf are you, the vichy leader
:cO:.Gabe: atkins approved
:cO:.Gabe: ?
BTs_eight: lol
dr.blake.aHa!: lmao
-MP5-Airblaster: lol Gabe
BTs_eight: atkins approved
BTs_eight: lol
-MP5-Airblaster: sea monkeys look like sperm
dr.blake.aHa!: I like the check
btS¬FahQuille Oneal: omg, low carb seamonkeys
*** -MP5-Airblaster pukes

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