#1765 + (10) - [X]

You can't handle the…: Have fun I'm finshed for todau
<< You can't handle the truth left GameRanger >>
GTD|ProFireFighter: todayu
Campeador: wow
Campeador: she finished fast
GTD|ProFireFighter: heyooo
<< Ivan joined the room >>
Ivan: oooooooooooooooooooo
<< Ivan left the room >>

#1764 + (139) - [X]

kuran of the boomers: why do you associate ass with poo
GOD: no
kuran of the boomers: i can assure you ive never encountered poo outside of my own bathroom breaks
GOD: I associate the anus hole with poo
kuran of the boomers: ok
GOD: cause that's it's fucking job

#1763 + (111) - [X]

bmr of the kanu: I'm eventually going to build myself a nice PC rig
bmr of the kanu: get a car and a smart phone
ninja of the quim: And live happily ever after?
bmr of the kanu: and later on my own place
bmr of the kanu: i would hope so
ninja of the quim: D'aww
ninja of the quim: How many cats will you have?
bmr of the kanu: :[
ninja of the quim: Hahaha

#1762 + (7) - [X]

kami of the infidels: Say the word "masticated" ten times without getting all hot and bothered
kami of the infidels: I bet you can't do it
FakeBlue: At least not without a very intense vocal and diction warm up...

#1761 + (67) - [X]

FakeBlue: We've already established my logical decisions to believe in things that are anti-illogical
FakeBlue: ...wait
kami of the infidels: Yeah.
kami of the infidels: Wait.
FakeBlue: That would be 'anti-logical' or, conversely 'illogical'
kami of the infidels: Correct
FakeBlue: Though, I have to say that Anti-Illogical would make a kick-ass band name
kami of the infidels: Or the name of my think-tank
FakeBlue: On a side note, I almost spit bits of half-masticated saltine crackers at my computer screen when I re-read that
kami of the infidels: That's hot
kami of the infidels: Do you have video of it? I would fap to that
FakeBlue: lol

#1760 + (117) - [X]

kami of the boomers: Shut up, neko
SidaLi: neiko do you have troubles when typing?
greatgreekneiko™: yes master
greatgreekneiko™: yes
kami of the boomers: Ugh
|GD| DårKnight™: lmao
greatgreekneiko™: i have be quiet caiuse kami say so
Lee: don't listen to him, neko
kami of the boomers: Don't listen to your hallucinations, Lee
kami of the boomers: It's not ok to rape children
kami of the boomers: No matter what they say
SidaLi: im in the lee's sahdow :D
kami of the boomers: Lee blots out the sun
Lee: kami, remember to never go higher than SILVER
kami of the boomers: We will make fun of him in the shade

#1759 + (128) - [X]

greatgreekneiko™: want justin beivber middle namew
greatgreekneiko™: and wnat do get for 16th birthday and who bought for him casue i know and all his fans know too
greatgreekneiko™: for extra
greatgreekneiko™: what typer of car was it
greatgreekneiko™: and color ws it
General Taco: Type R
greatgreekneiko™: if are justin beiber
greatgreekneiko™: evry justin ebiuver know, it
greatgreekneiko™: i do
greatgreekneiko™: fan
greatgreekneiko™: answer quesyon
greatgreekneiko™: which cna find on the net
<< Patricio joined the room >>
<< Patricio left the room >>
greatgreekneiko™: to see if really just justin beiber
greatgreekneiko™: plus for bouns point
Justin Bieber: i am really jb
Justin Bieber: what questions?

#1758 + (115) - [X]

Ayatollah Kaiomai: i cum with the force of an exploding star
Hanwar: Thats nice
Ayatollah Kaiomai: AN EXPLODING STAR
greatgreekneiko™: that very cool quote
greatgreekneiko™: kaio
Ayatollah Kaiomai: i have to hold myself back to prevent a global extinction level event

#1757 + (55) - [X]

LORD REVENGER [///M3…: im 10
LORD REVENGER [///M3…: kuran of the boomers: young kid
LORD REVENGER [///M3…: yea
LORD REVENGER [///M3…: preety much
LORD REVENGER [///M3…: who has smalll penis so you cant rape me
kuran of the boomers: err, thats not how it works
kuran of the boomers: trust me

#1756 + (-62) - [X]

kuran of the boomers: i left a hundred peanuts on our deck
kuran of the boomers: i wonder if squirrels ate the whole thing
Lee: if i were a squirrel, i wouldn't touch your nuts either

#1755 + (31) - [X]

kuran of the boomers: im teaching dutch to some guy from princeton
kuran of the boomers: for 25/ hr
*** kuran of the boomers hustles
kami of the boomers: Haha
kami of the boomers: I used to teach a little bit of Swedish to this guy in jp
kaiomai: you are more gangsta than easy-e
kami of the boomers: His mom gave me money for it even though I didn't ask for it
kuran of the boomers: sorry bro
kuran of the boomers: i gotta hustle
kaiomai: 1 yen/hr
kami of the boomers: She gave me like ten thousand yen for two hours in total
kami of the boomers: Oh I see
kaiomai: see ya
kuran of the boomers: im not going to feel bad about taking monies
kami of the boomers: Haha, you shouldn't
kami of the boomers: I'm just saying I didn't ask for anything
kaiomai: >kami of the boomers: She gave me like ten thousand yen for two hours in total
kaiomai: kami admitting he whored himself out
kami of the boomers: She just gave me an envelope with 10k yen (that's like 100 bux)
kaiomai: i know how much yen is worth
kaiomai: thanks though
kami of the boomers: Not everyone does
kami of the boomers: fag
kaiomai: you should have charged her more
kami of the boomers: Haha
kaiomai: she was probably a needy housewife
kami of the boomers: It's not like I did it for the money
kaiomai: you whore
kami of the boomers: No, that's the opposite of being a whore
kami of the boomers: Get your definitions right
kaiomai: a whore AND a liar

#1754 + (51) - [X]

[7:45 PM] {PHX} Jessica: KURAN
[7:45 PM] {PHX} Jessica: LOOK INTO MY SOUUL
[7:45 PM] {PHX} Jessica: WHAT DO YOU SEE?
[7:45 PM] kuran of the boomers: its red.. and pulsating
[7:45 PM] kuran of the boomers: oh wait, confused your pooper again
[7:45 PM] {PHX} Jessica: ...

#1753 + (61) - [X]

{PHX} Jessica: i rember when i was 8
{PHX} Jessica: i caught 3 rabits and sadly i broke there necks and my gum boots were ful
{PHX} Jessica: >:... my feet were cold
kuran of the boomers: ...
{PHX} Jessica: ?
{PHX} Jessica: i even named the rabits
{PHX} Jessica: tho i cant rember the name
{PHX} Jessica: of them
kuran of the boomers: shoulda called it Snappie
kuran of the boomers: Snap, Snapple and Crack

#1752 + (116) - [X]

kuran of the boomers: when kat eats out, she gets salad
*kat: I get salad sometime and sometimes I get soup or an appetizer
kuran of the boomers: wow
kuran of the boomers: tubgirl'd
kuran of the boomers: i didnt ask for that kat
*kat: ?
kuran of the boomers: there is a vast difference between tossing salad and drinking diarrhea
kuran of the boomers: i have to grbash this

#1751 + (63) - [X]

Paul: they had to remove Top vs Bottom from Starcraft 2 because ibat's wife played it and crashed

#1750 + (104) - [X]

General Taco: iBatman demanded a medal from the NAACP. He claimed to be a member of the Underground Railroad because he rode on a subway once.

#1749 + (50) - [X]

kuran of the bee em …: jacob turns into a vampire at the end
Merci buckets: you just ruined the new testament for me

#1748 + (96) - [X]

Lee: KAMI!
kami of the boomers: What do you want you fat monster
Lee: Hey Kami, remember the time you pictured me patting you on the bum and then i patted you on the bum?
kami of the boomers: Lee, does your life pass in emptiness with short meaningless conversations as shining milestones interrupting an otherwise useless and utterly droll existence?
kami of the boomers: Kill yourself
Lee: lol

#1747 + (82) - [X]

kami of the boomers: They say there's a big spectrum from hetero to homo
kuran of the boomers…: i think any man is bi as long as bo bridges is alive
kuran of the boomers…: damnit!
kuran of the boomers…: ruined it
kuran of the boomers…: kami, a big spectrum? thats a stretch
*kat: kami is on the ultrahomo spectrum
kami of the boomers: LOL!!!!!
<< Kane joined the room >>
kuran of the boomers…: can i be on grbash now? damnit

#1746 + (104) - [X]

Ayatollah Kaiomai: ben folds - landed
peta mujahideen: united 93 - didn't
Ayatollah Kaiomai: haha

#1745 + (112) - [X]

dont be dissing the …: hmm is it usually this quiet in ur chatroom?
kami of the boomers: Depends on the time of the day and it also depends on fuck off
<< dont be dissing the ginger was kicked from the room >>
General Taco: Viet Cong.
General Taco: -APOijs
General Taco: fuckin' charlie
kami of the boomers: I love being offensive
kami of the boomers: It's an addiction
greatgreekneiko™: me being offensive is alo a kinka addiction by people on here
greatgreekneiko™: by u kami
greatgreekneiko™: and other
<< greatgreekneiko™ left GameRanger >>

#1744 + (58) - [X]

General Taco: The wikipedia article on Rome was locked...
*** General Taco shades
General Taco: ...because of Vandals.

#1743 + (132) - [X]

bmr|kaiomai: you are a dark skinned, intellectually inferior race, that was bred for manual labor, and are obsessed with shiny objects.
bmr|kaiomai: "nigger"

#1740 + (-114) - [X]

Sternbergerstein: I FARTED
*DEF*: inhale then
Sternbergerstein: My god
Sternbergerstein: That far smells like afghanistan
Sternbergerstein: t
*DEF*: how can you tell?
Sternbergerstein: Because it stand out
Sternbergerstein: Stands out more than a nigger in swedan

#1738 + (108) - [X]

General Taco: iBatman: I don't have a scale
General Taco: He did not lie.
General Taco: He has a seismograph.
Monkey™: LOL
General Taco: Batman has FEMA on speed dial.
Monkey™: lmao

#1737 + (131) - [X]

kurayami: What other bad things do you think would happen if the US left Germany?
kurayami: Do you think the USSR would invade?
kurayami: Oh wait, too late
kurayami: Maybe Iran would invade
kurayami: Yes, I can see that
*Hit Girl: USSR doesn't exist
Paul: LOL
General Taco: holy fuck, kat
*Hit Girl: Russian Federation
*Hit Girl: It's totally different than the USSR
kurayami: /facepalm

#1736 + (142) - [X]

Turtle: Have you ever played Backgammon with a Mushroom sellotaped to your head on the night of your Daughters wedding?
glen101: no
Turtle: I have.
glen101: you weird
Turtle: Am I really? Maybe your weird in thinking that I'm weird
glen101: wat
Turtle: Improper grammar will not be tolerated. Commencing Offense Protocol 103/9
glen101: you ar a idiot
Turtle: Protocol Initiated!

#1735 + (77) - [X]

Turtle: Have you ever force fed a shotgun to a millipede in the hope that by doing so, the millipede would go on to write a gripping piece of Science Fiction in more than 300 words?

#1734 + (192) - [X]

Mostafa: hey hi eye
eye: hey hi mustafa
Mostafa: U is from tai?
eye: no
Mostafa: U from?
eye: the land down under
Mostafa: what?
Mostafa: your from?
Mostafa: please answer
eye: where women glow and men plunder!
eye: can't you hear can't you hear the thunder?
Mostafa: boy or girl?
Mostafa: man or woman?
eye: you'd better run, you'd better take cover
Mostafa: you eye man or woman?

[4:08 AM] Mostafa: hi
[4:08 AM] eye: buying bread from a man in brussels
[4:09 AM] Mostafa: hey you is woman or man?
[4:09 AM] eye: he was six foot four, and full of muscle
[4:09 AM] Mostafa: hey no answer
[4:09 AM] Mostafa: please
[4:09 AM] eye: i said, "do you speaka my language?"
[4:10 AM] Mostafa: hey you can speak english?
[4:10 AM] eye: he just smiled and gave me a vegemite sandwich
[4:10 AM] eye: and he said:
[4:10 AM] eye: "I come from a land down under
[4:11 AM] eye: where women glow and men plunder
[4:11 AM] eye: can't you hear, can't you here the thunder?
[4:11 AM] eye: you'd better run, you'd better take cover (yeaahhh)
[4:11 AM] eye: "
[4:11 AM] Mostafa: you is a man?
[4:12 AM] eye: dying in a den in bombay
[4:12 AM] Mostafa: you is a male or female?
[4:12 AM] eye: wish a slack jaw, and nothin' much to say
[4:13 AM] Mostafa: hey answer me
[4:13 AM] Mostafa: ok?
[4:13 AM] eye: i said to the man, "are you trying to tempt me?
[4:13 AM] eye: because I come from the land of plent
[4:13 AM] eye: y
[4:13 AM] eye: and he said:
[4:13 AM] eye: 'oh you come from the land down under?
[4:14 AM] eye: where women glow and men plunder?
[4:14 AM] eye: can't you hear, can't you hear the thunder?
[4:14 AM] eye: you'd better run, you'd better take cover"
[4:14 AM] eye: we are
[4:14 AM] eye: livin' in a land down under
[4:14 AM] eye: where women glow and men plunder (yeahhhhhhh)
[4:15 AM] eye: cant you hear, cant you hear the thunder?
[4:15 AM] eye: (thunderrrrr)
[4:15 AM] Mostafa: you is from tailand
[4:15 AM] eye: you'd better run, you'd better take cover
[4:15 AM] eye: Livin' in a land down under,
[4:15 AM] Mostafa: hey
[4:15 AM] eye: Where women glow and men plunder,
[4:15 AM] eye: Can't you hear, can't you hear the thunder? (oooo yeahhhh!)
[4:15 AM] eye: Then I run, and then I take cover. (yea)
[4:15 AM] eye: we are…
[4:16 AM] eye: livin in a land down under (underrr)
[4:16 AM] Mostafa: hey you from ?
[4:16 AM] eye: where women glow and men plunder
[4:16 AM] Mostafa: you from?
[4:16 AM] eye: cant you hear can't you hear the thunder?
[4:16 AM] Mostafa: u from?
[4:16 AM] eye: (oooo da da laa yeaaahhhh)
[4:16 AM] eye: then i run, then i take cover
[4:16 AM] eye: [fades out]

#1733 + (93) - [X]

General Taco: cakefarts
kurayami: Oh god
kurayami: Why would you bring that abominable practice up, tax
kurayami: That's just gross
General Taco: because I watched it
General Taco: and I lol'd
General Taco: but was really creeped out
kurayami: I watched it and nearly vomited
General Taco: I did not like the pulsating sphincter
kurayami: Why do you have to recapture it in such engrossing detail?
General Taco: engraved in mind
General Taco: with chisels
kurayami: Like a greek god
General Taco: be right back, giving birth through my head
kurayami: Be right back, going to sit in the shower and cry for an hour

#1732 + (133) - [X]

<< GM+GOD's LoveShineCABP456789012 joined the room >>
GM+GOD's LoveShineCA…: recon in other room
kurayami: Why do you have such a weird nickname, Carolyn?
GM+GOD's LoveShineCA…: it was given to me in life 2 times
GM+GOD's LoveShineCA…: so 2nd time i knew it was mine
kurayami: What the fuck does that mean
kurayami: Are you on drugs?
GM+GOD's LoveShineCA…: no
GM+GOD's LoveShineCA…: God's Love Shine.. space between
GM+GOD's LoveShineCA…: like Star Shine
GM+GOD's LoveShineCA…: or Sun Shine
kurayami: I was referring to the numeric bullshit
GM+GOD's LoveShineCA…: 1432
GM+GOD's LoveShineCA…: ?
GM+GOD's LoveShineCA…: that?
kurayami: No
GM+GOD's LoveShineCA…: or 1432456789,012345 etc?
GM+GOD's LoveShineCA…: what?
kurayami: CABP456789012
GM+GOD's LoveShineCA…: what is Pi ?
kurayami: 3.14...
kurayami: Why do you ask?
GM+GOD's LoveShineCA…: Carolyn Ann Pippenger Small Pippenger, Bowman, Chambers, Huber, Spencer
GM+GOD's LoveShineCA…: is my names
kurayami: What the fuck
GM+GOD's LoveShineCA…: ?
GM+GOD's LoveShineCA…: my oh my, Pie,
kurayami: Do you know what pi is?
GM+GOD's LoveShineCA…: that is all i can say for now
GM+GOD's LoveShineCA…: yes
GM+GOD's LoveShineCA…: 3.41 something
kurayami: I don't mean the number, because obviously you don't
GM+GOD's LoveShineCA…: too many numbers
kurayami: I'm just wondering if you know its significance in mathematics
GM+GOD's LoveShineCA…: i only failed university calculus once.........
GM+GOD's LoveShineCA…: yes i know..
GM+GOD's LoveShineCA…: but i don't know either... I am "clueless"
GM+GOD's LoveShineCA…: i don't know but i do
GM+GOD's LoveShineCA…: ok?
kurayami: So why do you have six last names?
GM+GOD's LoveShineCA…: well John Spencer was my one, he said no, the other men failed... but john still says no
GM+GOD's LoveShineCA…: and i left out greg moon
GM+GOD's LoveShineCA…: from my names
kurayami: So it's how many times you've been dumped?
GM+GOD's LoveShineCA…: no i was married and divorced 3 times in life
kurayami: Why would you keep their names?
GM+GOD's LoveShineCA…: because they are what make me, be me..
kurayami: You define yourself by the men you've been with?
GM+GOD's LoveShineCA…: yes
GM+GOD's LoveShineCA…: they are alll worthy
GM+GOD's LoveShineCA…: men in their own rights
GM+GOD's LoveShineCA…: just not right for myself
GM+GOD's LoveShineCA…: i look like my cousin stevie and my cousin Joanna
GM+GOD's LoveShineCA…: but
GM+GOD's LoveShineCA…: we don't marry first cousins in usa
GM+GOD's LoveShineCA…: so
kurayami: You are insane
GM+GOD's LoveShineCA…: i am the union between 2 familes since i am the last pippenger
GM+GOD's LoveShineCA…: with no off spring
<< GM+GOD's LoveShineCABP456789012 left the room >>

#1731 + (47) - [X]

[16.02] {PHX} Jessica: i bet u ibat will come in the room
[16.03] {PHX} Jessica: within 20 seconds
[16.03] kami of the boomers: Well, he's admitted he's premature

#1730 + (-13) - [X]

*karizma: I had the weirdest dream that I was in a department store and I shoplifted a 16GB USB drive. Then I went back home and had a report to do like I was in 5th grade or something. So I'm doing this report and I wrote it up and then went to check for
kami of the boomers: ...
*karizma: references and noticed that the reference I was looking up was the exact thing that I wrote.. word for word. Then I somehow bought a truck that looked like an airplane cockpit inside and when I was driving along I had to come to a stop. When I was
bmr|zero: you are not supposed to take that much LSD, kat
*karizma: waiting for the light to change all of these kids were climbing all over the top of the truck and even on the glass roof. I got out of the truck to get them off and then some guy comes up and says to me, "you know you're going to have to let people use
*karizma: the truck for moving stuff" I was like WTF? Then I woke up

#1729 + (133) - [X]

<< krisha joined the room >>
krisha: howe cant play nhl 06 online?
kami of the boomers: Fuck Howe
kami of the boomers: He's an asshole
krisha: howe cant play nhl 06 online?
kami of the boomers: I don't give a fuck if Howe can't play NHL'06 online
krisha: in game ranger cant?
kami of the boomers:
krisha: tnx
kami of the boomers: You're welcome
kami of the boomers: /facepalm
<< krisha was kicked from the room >>
CosminLucutar: yeah but pls can u tell me of can I play fifa 2008 online on game ranger?
kami of the boomers: Shut the fuck up
<< CosminLucutar was kicked from the room >>

#1727 + (61) - [X]

kami of the boomers: bukkake is not a civilized way to solve a problem
GOD: but it does solve the problem

#1726 + (-12) - [X]

Paul der Pole: your mother is sitting beside me, and she said I should look after you because you eat up your other sister.
bmr|zero: what the hell does that even mean?
/_‹‹eVe››jessica: i think his on drugs
/_‹‹eVe››jessica: just a thought
/_‹‹eVe››jessica: maybe his pugly
/_‹‹eVe››jessica: I)i
bmr|zero: i think he just called me a cannibal, im not sure
Paul der Pole: are you gay or what ??
bmr|zero: no. now do you have any worthy insults?
/_‹‹eVe››jessica: lol
bmr|zero: calling someone gay as an insult is tired. get some new material.
Paul der Pole: sometimes I stop to eat chips else has your mother no more for christmas
/_‹‹eVe››jessica: does he only rely on mom insults?
bmr|zero: yes, it was a disaster last year when we ran out of potato chips at christmas. my sister would have been in tears, but she was dinner.

#1725 + (39) - [X]

bmr|zero: he is using a translator
bmr|zero: and it is terrible
Paul der Pole: I do not use a "translator"
bmr|zero: so he may be more intelligent than he seems, but that is highly doubtful.
bmr|zero: your mom smoked dog green air conditioner!
bmr|zero: that was my best attempt at one of his jokes
bmr|zero: how was it?
Paul der Pole: yes and your smokes coke
bmr|zero: your hamster smokes pepsi
Paul der Pole: you all used the "google translator". we do not
bmr|zero: stop drinking the kool-aid. i think someone put LSD in it.
Paul der Pole: Bye bye loser and take her to the next loser
bmr|zero: ill be sure to do that
bmr|zero: we can pass her around if you would like

#1723 + (-27) - [X]

bmr|kaiomai: i just bleached my bathroom
Paul: did you get the cum stains out?
bmr|kaiomai: not all
Paul: I give that joke a D-
bmr|kaiomai: i give it a ===D - - - _ __ ______
Paul: fuck yeah
Monkey™: lmao
FakeBlue: lol

#1721 + (165) - [X]

Monkey™: oh bloody hell
Monkey™: Finder has frozen
bmr|kami: Microwave it
bmr|kaiomai: hahaha
bmr|kaiomai: macs are so cool, the file browser freezes.

#1719 + (134) - [X]

bmr|kaiomai: i heard arigato
bmr|kaiomai: so is she a nip?
bmr|kami: Korean
bmr|kami: She just speaks a phrase of jap
bmr|kaiomai: kk
bmr|kaiomai: explains her better looks
bmr|kami: Oh you motherfucker
bmr|kaiomai: oh snap
eye the chark: shower bbl
*** bmr|kaiomai pokes kami in the eye

#1718 + (186) - [X]

Fartini: John Batman was just mad because free healthcare was instituted and he still couldn't afford to go.
eye the chark: lolol
Monkey™: Haha
eye the chark: the gas bill was too high
Monkey™: inb4tacofartjoke
eye the chark: inb4johnbatmanishitler
Monkey™: sleep
<< Monkey™ left GameRanger >>
eye the chark: inb4hitlergothisgasfromibat'swife
<< iBatman left GameRanger >>
eye the chark: inb4iBat's Mega Gas - The most effective anti-jew gas in all of the world
eye the chark: anti-jewing agent*

#1717 + (-162) - [X]

kami of the boomers: Does anyone else have sex fantasies about Stefany?
kami of the boomers: In my fantasy I'm having sex with a beautiful woman and Stefany is tied up in the basement
GOD: I think we should put her in the dunk chair
GOD: see if she's a witch
kami of the boomers: Haha
kami of the boomers: If she drowns she's innocent
kami of the boomers: Win-win
GOD: yes, we clearly have different fantasies
GOD: that hybrid hater
kami of the boomers: She came in here the other day and I was nice to her and she told me everyone hated her novels
GOD: for good reason
GOD: they suck
kami of the boomers: Yes
kami of the boomers: She seems to have realized that
GOD: shes growing up
GOD: you know you've grown up when your dreams get crushed
kami of the boomers: I told her to keep writing and that she might get better but in reality I just figured she'd one day write something so awful it would get her killed
GOD: haha

#1716 + (-10) - [X]

kami of the boomers: Go to bed you crazy kid
Monkey™: I will
Monkey™: after i see where my package is
Monkey™: inb4 in my pants
kami of the boomers: If it hasn't appeared when you're 20, chances are you're Lee

#1715 + (30) - [X]

eye the chark: stefany is just mad that she tried to suck a cock, but ended up choking on the feathers

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erp|Monkey™: You missed the point
derp|Monkey™: Like you always do
derp|Monkey™: You stupid piece of shit
fadel: fuck you
fadel: you piece of damn
eye the chark: LOL
derp|Monkey™: LOL

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derp|Monkey™: I dare you to make a bomb, fadel
derp|Monkey™: You'd manage to blow yourself up with some wire and a watch
derp|Monkey™: You stupid fuck
General Taco: al-gyver

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blufire: red crap and teno have something in common
blufire: they both burned up real bad
GOD: ohhhhhhhhhhhhh
GOD: do the drapes match the back door mat

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<< greatgreekneikos™ joined the room >>
greatgreekneikos™: i be on best behovir
greatgreekneikos™: i have learn my lesson
greatgreekneikos™: god
greatgreekneikos™: will never dis obey again
greatgreekneikos™: i sorry
greatgreekneikos™: i going thru withdraws
greatgreekneikos™: of ur hate
greatgreekneikos™: 'and gr gate
greatgreekneikos™: i need it
greatgreekneikos™: live my life
greatgreekneikos™: so plz give nother chance to serve u
greatgreekneikos™: rember really off my meds for over a week
greatgreekneikos™: so was not thinking right
greatgreekneikos™: i was out my mind
greatgreekneikos™: why will do something like o great god
greatgreekneikos™: i sorry
GOD: that's right
GOD: I am the GOD
GOD: david is a penis waxer
greatgreekneikos™: yes he is
greatgreekneikos™: say what u want get on good graces'
greatgreekneikos™: again
greatgreekneikos™: what think ps3 going offline
greatgreekneikos™: whoe online
greatgreekneikos™: for 24 hrs even offline
greatgreekneikos™: was brone
greatgreekneikos™: it werid
greatgreekneikos™: last night
greatgreekneikos™: ps3 games won';t work
greatgreekneikos™: i try
greatgreekneikos™: on mine
greatgreekneikos™: due clock bug
greatgreekneikos™: i vote
greatgreekneikos™: today
greatgreekneikos™: vote for u
greatgreekneikos™: as write in cannite
greatgreekneikos™: for my gov
greatgreekneikos™: i was that loyal
greatgreekneikos™: write in ur name
greatgreekneikos™: as write in
greatgreekneikos™: as texas gov
greatgreekneikos™: write kami as luit gov
greatgreekneikos™: and taco as judge
greatgreekneikos™: u only get one vote
greatgreekneikos™: cause i only one
greatgreekneikos™: that vot this way
greatgreekneikos™: u at least be on the record it hink
greatgreekneikos™: so
greatgreekneikos™: i getting 60,000
greatgreekneikos™: soon
greatgreekneikos™: every yr
greatgreekneikos™: i git letter
greatgreekneikos™: in the mail
greatgreekneikos™: been on this list
greatgreekneikos™: waiting list for 15 yrs
greatgreekneikos™: i have somebody watch me
greatgreekneikos™: and i can pay them 5 grand
greatgreekneikos™: a month to watch over me
greatgreekneikos™: make take my meds'
greatgreekneikos™: and stuff'
greatgreekneikos™: i have whole list of compies
greatgreekneikos™: but rather have a person do it
greatgreekneikos™: that i know
greatgreekneikos™: i have mke phone call
greatgreekneikos™: be rigth bakc
<< greatgreekneikos™ left the room >>

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the last eyevenger: did you know that in the military here, the government pays for brest implants?
the last eyevenger: no joke
zero of the boomers: what happened to AUS?
zero of the boomers: WTF eye
zero of the boomers: WTF.
zero of the boomers: thats how they get recruits?
the last eyevenger: fucked if i know
the last eyevenger: but that's how it is
zero of the boomers: you will have an army of women with low self-esteem
zero of the boomers: "please love me"
zero of the boomers: they will surrender to any army with mens in it
zero of the boomers: thats gay'd up
the last eyevenger: they might be onto something though
the last eyevenger: because when women live together, their periods get sync'd up
zero of the boomers: all the boys know when to leave town
the last eyevenger: now imagine what would happen if you told 50 women on the rag that those towelheads had all the chocolate

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Blitz™: Lee, get this mouse.
Blitz™: You need it for practice.
Lee: that mouse is cool
Lee: but i just put new batteries in my current mouse
Blitz™: You don't notice the shape of it, do you?
Lee: a vagina?
Blitz™: No, it's a pear.
Lee: wonder if Rain uses a dildo shaped joystick ;-)
Blitz™: /facepalm

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