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bmr|zero: he is using a translator
bmr|zero: and it is terrible
Paul der Pole: I do not use a "translator"
bmr|zero: so he may be more intelligent than he seems, but that is highly doubtful.
bmr|zero: your mom smoked dog green air conditioner!
bmr|zero: that was my best attempt at one of his jokes
bmr|zero: how was it?
Paul der Pole: yes and your smokes coke
bmr|zero: your hamster smokes pepsi
Paul der Pole: you all used the "google translator". we do not
bmr|zero: stop drinking the kool-aid. i think someone put LSD in it.
Paul der Pole: Bye bye loser and take her to the next loser
bmr|zero: ill be sure to do that
bmr|zero: we can pass her around if you would like

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