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Paul der Pole: your mother is sitting beside me, and she said I should look after you because you eat up your other sister.
bmr|zero: what the hell does that even mean?
/_‹‹eVe››jessica: i think his on drugs
/_‹‹eVe››jessica: just a thought
/_‹‹eVe››jessica: maybe his pugly
/_‹‹eVe››jessica: I)i
bmr|zero: i think he just called me a cannibal, im not sure
Paul der Pole: are you gay or what ??
bmr|zero: no. now do you have any worthy insults?
/_‹‹eVe››jessica: lol
bmr|zero: calling someone gay as an insult is tired. get some new material.
Paul der Pole: sometimes I stop to eat chips else has your mother no more for christmas
/_‹‹eVe››jessica: does he only rely on mom insults?
bmr|zero: yes, it was a disaster last year when we ran out of potato chips at christmas. my sister would have been in tears, but she was dinner.

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