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greatgreekneikos™: i be on best behovir
greatgreekneikos™: i have learn my lesson
greatgreekneikos™: god
greatgreekneikos™: will never dis obey again
greatgreekneikos™: i sorry
greatgreekneikos™: i going thru withdraws
greatgreekneikos™: of ur hate
greatgreekneikos™: 'and gr gate
greatgreekneikos™: i need it
greatgreekneikos™: live my life
greatgreekneikos™: so plz give nother chance to serve u
greatgreekneikos™: rember really off my meds for over a week
greatgreekneikos™: so was not thinking right
greatgreekneikos™: i was out my mind
greatgreekneikos™: why will do something like o great god
greatgreekneikos™: i sorry
GOD: that's right
GOD: I am the GOD
GOD: david is a penis waxer
greatgreekneikos™: yes he is
greatgreekneikos™: say what u want get on good graces'
greatgreekneikos™: again
greatgreekneikos™: what think ps3 going offline
greatgreekneikos™: whoe online
greatgreekneikos™: for 24 hrs even offline
greatgreekneikos™: was brone
greatgreekneikos™: it werid
greatgreekneikos™: last night
greatgreekneikos™: ps3 games won';t work
greatgreekneikos™: i try
greatgreekneikos™: on mine
greatgreekneikos™: due clock bug
greatgreekneikos™: i vote
greatgreekneikos™: today
greatgreekneikos™: vote for u
greatgreekneikos™: as write in cannite
greatgreekneikos™: for my gov
greatgreekneikos™: i was that loyal
greatgreekneikos™: write in ur name
greatgreekneikos™: as write in
greatgreekneikos™: as texas gov
greatgreekneikos™: write kami as luit gov
greatgreekneikos™: and taco as judge
greatgreekneikos™: u only get one vote
greatgreekneikos™: cause i only one
greatgreekneikos™: that vot this way
greatgreekneikos™: u at least be on the record it hink
greatgreekneikos™: so
greatgreekneikos™: i getting 60,000
greatgreekneikos™: soon
greatgreekneikos™: every yr
greatgreekneikos™: i git letter
greatgreekneikos™: in the mail
greatgreekneikos™: been on this list
greatgreekneikos™: waiting list for 15 yrs
greatgreekneikos™: i have somebody watch me
greatgreekneikos™: and i can pay them 5 grand
greatgreekneikos™: a month to watch over me
greatgreekneikos™: make take my meds'
greatgreekneikos™: and stuff'
greatgreekneikos™: i have whole list of compies
greatgreekneikos™: but rather have a person do it
greatgreekneikos™: that i know
greatgreekneikos™: i have mke phone call
greatgreekneikos™: be rigth bakc
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