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*karizma: I had the weirdest dream that I was in a department store and I shoplifted a 16GB USB drive. Then I went back home and had a report to do like I was in 5th grade or something. So I'm doing this report and I wrote it up and then went to check for
kami of the boomers: ...
*karizma: references and noticed that the reference I was looking up was the exact thing that I wrote.. word for word. Then I somehow bought a truck that looked like an airplane cockpit inside and when I was driving along I had to come to a stop. When I was
bmr|zero: you are not supposed to take that much LSD, kat
*karizma: waiting for the light to change all of these kids were climbing all over the top of the truck and even on the glass roof. I got out of the truck to get them off and then some guy comes up and says to me, "you know you're going to have to let people use
*karizma: the truck for moving stuff" I was like WTF? Then I woke up

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