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Daleks: alti do your impression of bg
Daleks: "hi guys i love my bf. i just want everyone to know how loving he is."
Evill: Hmm.
AltiJack: hehe
BrazilianGirl™- 9 da…: hi daleks
*** Daleks stabs BG in the eye.
Evill: I wonder if her husband knows about her bf as well.
Drinniol: haha
AltiJack: I'm her boyfriend
AltiJack: I fly down and perform fellatio
Daleks: alti services her drain pipe.
AltiJack: I'm a plumbing guy
BrazilianGirl™- 9 da…: altivec
AltiJack: sup
Drinniol: He has come to clean ze pool
BrazilianGirl™- 9 da…: you should come over more often
BrazilianGirl™- 9 da…: he misses you
Daleks: haha
Drinniol: Hahahaha
AltiJack: oh shi
Daleks: pwned
AltiJack: I just got pwned
Drinniol: pwned on a stick
*** AltiJack bow
AltiJack: +s
Daleks: wow. bg's iq went up by 100 since the last time i was here.
AltiJack: touche BG, touche

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