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BTs_Magnetic: how long workin hours does civic have at McDonalds?
*** iNaru doesnt care
:co:.GOD: ethion dont do cocain
*** Ethion.56 throws watermellons at Naru
iNaru: lol he doesnt work at mcdonalds
BTs_Magnetic: lol
:co:.GOD: what
BTs_Magnetic: he told me he did wtf
:co:.GOD: civic works at mcdonalds?
Ethion.56: lol
BTs_onwig.3@work: yeah i thought he did
iNaru: hell even now i would take a job at mcdonalds
iNaru: I am so broke
<< ¥M&?G®¥ CHOSCARETE left GameRanger >>
<< john joined the room >>
BTs_Magnetic: he said he was chief manager over the cucumber section
z][t-Civic™: LOL

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