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z][t-pink rat: pink twist = no more problems
onwig@work: apart from that sounds really gay
z][t-pink rat: put pink before your nick and you'll have no more problems
Evill: Yeah, but so does pink rat.
onwig@work: also very true
z][t-pink rat: pink Evill
z][t-pink rat: :P
<< z][t-pink rat is now known as z][t-pink fluffy bunny >>
Evill: Much better.
onwig@work: lol
z][t-pink fluffy bun…: but then you can get killed by some homophobics
z][t-pink fluffy bun…: wtf
z][t-pink fluffy bun…: he changed my nick :o
onwig@work: lol
Evill: Lies
Evill: You did that yourself.
z][t-pink fluffy bun…: omfg

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